We Are Vantage Analytica

Data-driven Regional Expertise
Anders C. Johansson

Our Vision


I started Vantage Analytica Pte. Ltd. with a clear vision of providing high-quality consulting services based on a combination of high-level analysis and a unique regional expertise. I have managed projects and programs in Indonesia and throughout East and Southeast for many years. The one thing that has stayed constant in an ever-changing world is the need to understand the institutional, political, and economic setting in which one operates. 

The people that make up Vantage Analytica Pte. Ltd. work together as a team to bring premier consulting services to our clients. We combine a rigorous process driven by data and empirical methodology with a multilevel approach that takes global, regional, country, and local features into account.

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Anders C. Johansson
Founder and CEO
Vantage Analytica Pte. Ltd.