Learn and Apply Knowledge

Vantage Analytica offers a range of courses, training programs, and seminars, all with a focus on helping you learn about and understand Southeast Asia.


Tailored Courses on Southeast Asia

We offer a full range of tailor-made courses to multinational companies, international organizations, and government organizations. Course themes include: Geopolitical and economic developments in Southeast Asia; The current political and economic environment in Indonesia; The current political and economic environment in Thailand; and China’s changing role in ASEAN.

Training Programs

Bespoke Training Programs That Meet Your Needs

We customize training programs for international companies and organizations with operations in Southeast Asia. Primarily geared towards C-level and upper management, our training programs will help leaders in your organization obtain the understanding of the local context and current developments that is needed to make crucial decisions.


We Help You Stay Updated

In addition to our more comprehensive courses and bespoke training programs, we hold seminar events that discuss current developments in selected countries and the region as a whole. We hold these seminars in open forums, typically in collaboration with partners, or  inhouse at international corporations and organizations.