Analysis + Advice

High-level analysis driven by quantitative and area expertise right at your finger tips, setting the foundation for sound and practical advice


We assist our clients by combining insights from data based on rigorous research methodologies and analysis with unparalleled area expertise. We guide our clients every step of the way in the process that includes the initial problem formulation, data collection, a holistic and multidimensional analysis, key findings, and recommendations.


Strategy - Operations - CEO Advisory


A great corporate strategy combines five critical components: the development of a vision that is ambitious but attainable, formulation of clear objectives, an astute allocation of resources, identification of strategic tradeoffs and prioritization, and a transformation roadmap that outlines the steps and choices needed to get you where you want to go.

To develop these five components, Vantage Analytica performs a comprehensive and honest evaluation of your business during which we seek answers to key questions such as: what is the current state of your company; where do you want your company to be in the short-, medium- and long-term; how does your company get there; what resources are most suited to help you get arrive there?

The end result is a fully developed plan of action to reach your goals that also allows for finetuning resulting from changes in the institutional setting, macroeconomic conditions, the competitor landscape, or customer needs.


We help you develop and transform your operations to make them more efficient. Our focus is on enabling you to strengthen the connection between operations and your corporate strategy. Through our process, we effectively shorten the distance between the boardroom and the very frontline of your business.

We are especially strong when it comes to assisting in the improvement of regional operations, not the least when it comes to handling sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chains.


Vantage Analytica acts as a confidant and counselor to CEOs on the problems and difficulties they rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to discuss with anyone else. The CEO role is by its very nature one of constant uncertainty and can often be characterized by loneliness. CEOs must be able to consider their overall business in a regional and global setting, the dynamics of their management team and board, their own evolving leadership challenges, and the culture and mood of their organization, in addition to the necessity to take decisive action and make difficult strategic decisions. Discussing delicate issues of corporate life with a knowledgeable outsider who is not a part of the company has many benefits.

Vantage Analytica in particular excels at leadership challenges related to the unique institutional settings in East and Southeast Asia. Private discussions on issues related to these settings give corporate leaders the chance to learn new perspectives on local and regional contextual features that affect their leadership, their organizations, and not the least the business environment in which they operate.

Each engagement is unique, but possible points of entry include the first 100 days, M&A, geographic expansion, portfolio value transformation, organic growth, and organizational alignment across country borders.